Monday, February 27, 2006

Portefolio Assignment 1 :

Topic: Think back to your childhood and try to remember your experience with the act of reading. In a 150 to 200 word essay, write about that experience.

At the age of ten years old my mother starts to think that it was high time for me to start reading. As all the children I think that reading was a boring exercise. One day, she told me that I was going to accompany her to buy some books. Once in the bookstore she invited me to choose the books I wanted to read. I started looking at the shelves, and I decided to choose the thinnest one Les petites filles modèles by La Comtesse de Ségure. Once at home, I started reading the book and from this moment until now I cannot stop reading. I am found of it. I have read all kinds of books: from romance to economics, philosophic books, biographies… Reading helped me a lot in writing. Furthermore, I can easily and quickly understand, by reading once, any text; this help me a lot in my studies because instead of reading many times a document I have just to read it once to understand.


Blogger Ali Boumoussa said...

Well done, Imane! I believe that one the greatest skills to develop is reading...not only as an academic skill, but as a life-long skill both for professional purposes and , as a hobby, just for the pleasure of it. Keep up the good work, you have made a very good start!

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