Monday, April 03, 2006

Dear Mr. Branson,

I know that you are very interested in all what concerns transportation. In fact, you are the owner of an aircraft company, and I knew that you were also interested railway company. But what is tricking me is that you never taught of being the owner of water transportation company. My project is to build a new and audacious company that will run submarines. These submarines will link England to the rest of the world. People while traveling for tourism will surely think of this new means of transportation. It will offer them new sensations and people will never forget this experience.

At the beginning, we could start by focusing on two destinations: England- Assilah, and England- Japan. The cost of this project will be of 20 millions dollars, but thank to my studies, I can confirm that our company will start to be profitable 6 months after launching it. We will also need a qualified team composed of six persons to drive the submarines, and 20 persons to run the business and the administrative side. For the submarines, I’ve met a Russian businessman, and he offers me the best price in the market.

If you give me your agreement, I will start hiring the staff and buying the submarines and our business will start three months after.

Best Regards

Imane Benghalem


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