Monday, February 27, 2006

Portefolio Assignment 1 :

Topic: Think back to your childhood and try to remember your experience with the act of reading. In a 150 to 200 word essay, write about that experience.

At the age of ten years old my mother starts to think that it was high time for me to start reading. As all the children I think that reading was a boring exercise. One day, she told me that I was going to accompany her to buy some books. Once in the bookstore she invited me to choose the books I wanted to read. I started looking at the shelves, and I decided to choose the thinnest one Les petites filles modèles by La Comtesse de Ségure. Once at home, I started reading the book and from this moment until now I cannot stop reading. I am found of it. I have read all kinds of books: from romance to economics, philosophic books, biographies… Reading helped me a lot in writing. Furthermore, I can easily and quickly understand, by reading once, any text; this help me a lot in my studies because instead of reading many times a document I have just to read it once to understand.

Friday, February 24, 2006

In the US, citizen can see that their taxes are used wisely...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I went to school very early in the morning because I had to buy some books I need this semester. But once I got there, I realized that the bookstore opens only at 10 a.m., so I got a little bit upset because I had to wait in the cold weather till the responsible for the bookstore decides to finish her breakfast and talk with students, which was half an hour after the normal open hours. This made me even more upset but I had no other choices. Once I got the chance to talk to her, she started yelling at me like if I had done something wrong. Students around me told me that it was normal and that they were used to her very strange way of talking. I strongly believe that this was not a professional manner to deal with clients, and that being impolite is not the kind of education we are seeking for in this school. I would spend the whole night if I keep talking about this person if I was willing to comment on people who are not willing to change but who can be very harmful for the reputation of our school.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am just discovering what blogs are and I don't feel confortable using it. I think that the problem is that I will write things that are going to be shared and known by a huge number of persons. I am a little bit sceptic and I didn't really catch the usefulness of this practice but I hope that the experience is going to be interesting after all. I think that we are a good creative class, and I hope that this blog will help everybody to share interesting facts and opinions, however it is also a good means to be funny by publishing jokes and anything that could bring joy to each one of us.