Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Portefolio Assignment 2


The short story The Blanket is an original mix between reality and fiction. In fact, it deals with a very dangerous and harmful phenomenon which is spousal abuse. It depicts, by giving many details, how a man can terrify his wife by beating her, and by making her a kind of slave. He has all the power on her, and she is really suffering from his moral and physical threats. As far as I’m concerned I think that it is very genius to give a “happy” fictional end to this taboo subject. That shows that even if you are suffering from a real problem in your life, there is always a place for dreams. But on the other side, how if these wolves were only imagined by Mari Jo? Maybe her sufferance reaches the top and she starts leaving in a fictional world. It is up to everybody to interpret the end of the story the way he wants…

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Our school offers us a diversity of extra- curricular activities. In fact, many associations with very interesting activities are present within our school. They have a lot of ambitious projects and they do their best to realize them. Moreover, the association members constitute a very strong and united team and to keep their unity they often travel together. I think that each member of our school should be aware of their presence and of their activities. Furthermore when belonging to an association, students will certainly have a bonus in their résumé when asking for a job.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

As an active woman, I try to have many activities. In fact, I try to plan carrefully each day of my life to make it full and to don't have the time to feel bored. And the activity that brings me a lot of joy and good energy is sport. I was asking people around me if they were practicing on a regular basis any sport, and 99% of them answered NO. I was kind of surprised, and I started asking them for the reasons. The answer were for the majority of them: We don't have time!! How can't we have time for our body to express itself, and for our mind to escape from everyday life? As a sport addict, I can not see my life without it, and I personally think that it helps me a lot in my life: it helps me to concentrate, to push my limits and to be far from everyday problems one hour a day. Furthermore, as young and aware persons, we need to have many outdoors activities instead of staying home watching TV or sleep, everybody should find an interesting physical activitie and start practicing it... We are young, so let us profit from our youth...