Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We always hear people saying, this person is very lucky or on the contrary, this person is the unluckiest person in the world. But does luck really exist? In my opinion, I strongly believe that you have people that are born lucky, but not for the reason you may guess. Some people are lucky, because they met situations in their life that helped them building a strong personality. And, you have others, that were supposed to be lucky (because of their money, education…), but they are not because they have parents that are used to do everything for them. Those persons for me are really unlucky.

I also believe that everybody in this world was lucky even for only one time in his life. It is real that not everybody wins while gambling, but each person can, at least one in her/his life, catch the train on time, give the correct answer even though he doesn’t know anything about the subject…. So luck is something that exists, but it doesn’t stay for life.

I am grateful for…

I am grateful for having my parents always near me

I am grateful for eating each time I want to

I am grateful for having friends I can rely on them

I am grateful for being in an interesting school

I am grateful for having a husband that loves me

I am grateful for living my life the way I want to

I am grateful for having many cousins that I cherish

I am grateful for having a nice house

I am grateful for having a fancy car

I am grateful for having a little dog that I adore

I am grateful for often traveling abroad

Monday, April 03, 2006

I went to Venice with my husband to spend a weed- end there. And I was really impressed by this beautiful city. The architecture is splendid, and each building is different from the others. The city is also very romantic, and what makes it very special is that it is located over the sea. There is no car, no bicycle in Venice, people walk, and you can clearly hear the sound of your own shoes. But all this has a price: Venice is a very expensive city and you need a very large amount of money to stay there.

Dear Mr. Branson,

I know that you are very interested in all what concerns transportation. In fact, you are the owner of an aircraft company, and I knew that you were also interested railway company. But what is tricking me is that you never taught of being the owner of water transportation company. My project is to build a new and audacious company that will run submarines. These submarines will link England to the rest of the world. People while traveling for tourism will surely think of this new means of transportation. It will offer them new sensations and people will never forget this experience.

At the beginning, we could start by focusing on two destinations: England- Assilah, and England- Japan. The cost of this project will be of 20 millions dollars, but thank to my studies, I can confirm that our company will start to be profitable 6 months after launching it. We will also need a qualified team composed of six persons to drive the submarines, and 20 persons to run the business and the administrative side. For the submarines, I’ve met a Russian businessman, and he offers me the best price in the market.

If you give me your agreement, I will start hiring the staff and buying the submarines and our business will start three months after.

Best Regards

Imane Benghalem

I am an active member of the Honors Association, and I went with some colleagues to Ouazzane to help an association. It was the first time I went there. The city is very nice, with plenty of trees: the view is wonderful. Its main resource is the olive oil, that is one of the best we have in Morocco. But I realized, while discussing with people from there, that people were very poor. The average salary of a secretary is 400dhs a month. This is too low, that is why all young people are escaping from it.

Question I want to ask Sir Richard Branson:

1) How much is your fortune estimation?

2) You saw life from both sides (poor side and rich side), which one is better? And why?

3) Is your success a fruit of luck or have you been helped by a third person?

4) What is the most important thing for you, your business or your private life?

5) Are you taking as many risks in your business as your are taking in your adventures?

6) What did your new title “sir” brings to you?